Video Content as a Service


Meaningful, engaging content is the only route to genuine engagement and attention now.  Creating value by providing relevant material in a useful form - in the shortest possible time - is the starting point for business relationships.  Nothing does this better than video.

If you've thought "video is too expensive" or "it's too complicated and technical"'ve landed on the right home page.

Fast Forward is the Video Content Service for Business.  We deliver branded video content, with cutting-edge marketing integration, to companies from large to small.

New!  Breakthrough 'Thumbmailer' App
Included In All Subscriptions

Just spend 30 seconds to try this - fill in your name, then your mobile #.  You'll get a personalized video thumbnail, linked to the title you selected.

We provide this tool to all subscribers - tiny to huge.  You can send your branded videos, with a personalized thumbnail, by text or email.

You can add the tool to your web site, so your customers and partners can 'spread the thumb' on your behalf.

That's just the newest thing.  Our video content service is the fastest, most cost-effective way to add video content to all of your marketing channels:

  • Liven up your web site and SEO
  • Multiply returns from your email campaigns
  • Make social-media posts fun again
  • Send people the coolest text messages they've ever seen - as fast as you can type.

Fast Forward is video content as a mature service. We offer hundreds of brandable videos, hosted and delivered from a cutting-edge video platform.  Bring video into your marketing and sales world seamlessly, with integration to mainstream inbound-marketing, CRM, sales, email and other communication platforms.

Make your marketing life easier - solve the content challenge with hundreds of relevant videos, branded for you and ready to use across all of your digital channels.

Raise the "interest rate" of your marketing
with video.


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